MR ITO Languly Vanilla Cream 69g

69 g
5.90 MYR

MR ITO Languly Vanilla Cream 69g


Product Details: 

Ooh la la, an iconic French biscuit for a Japanese audience. This box contains four break-apart packs each of three Langue de Chat biscuits. These sweet, thin and crunchy biscuits serve as the two ends of the sandwich, and between them is a sweet vanilla cream filling. These tasty biscuits are ideal for enjoying by themselves at work or school, or with a cup of hot tea.


Cookie (wheat flour, sugar, margarine, shortening, egg, egg white, salt), cream (sugar, plant oil and fat, dextrin, powdered skim milk, whole powdered milk), emulsifier, fragrance

Contents : Wheat, egg, milk

Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.