BOURBON Gokoku no Biscuit 133g

100 g
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BOURBON Gokoku no Biscuit 133g


A simple taste with a fragrant five-grain flavor

The simple and flavorful five grains that Japanese people have been accustomed to for a long time. It is a biscuit with a nostalgic taste that is kneaded and baked fragrantly.
80kcal and 0.9g of dietary fiber in 4 pieces per package.
We also eliminated the plastic tray and considered the environment.

Internal capacity 32 sheets (4 sheets x 8 bags)
Ingredient Wheat flour (domestic production), vegetable oil (including sesame), sugar, milk syrup, wheat bran, black soybean flour, salt, sesame paste, brown rice, shortening, sesame, barley flour, defatted wheat germ, yeast, glutinous flour, Mochikibi flour, yeast extract powder / swelling agent, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), fragrance (derived from sesame), enzyme, yeast food (derived from wheat), antioxidant (vitamin E), vitamin C