ASAHI Ippon Manzoku Bar Cereal Choco 1pc

44 g
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ASAHI Ippon Manzoku Bar Cereal Choco 1pc


A cereal-type chocolate bar that can be easily nourished and enjoys the double satisfaction of deliciousness and deliciousness. Milk chocolate with a mild taste is coated with a crunchy cereal. Accented with the aroma of almonds and the slight acidity of raisins! Contains dietary fiber, 5 vitamins, and 1/3 day's worth of iron * in one bottle. * Ratio to the standard value for displaying nutrients, etc.


Chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, vegetable oil, cocoa butter, etc.) (domestic production), corn flakes (corn flakes, sugar, etc.), almonds, wheat puffs (wheat flour, starch, malt extract), raisins, glucomannan, salt / Cellulose, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), fragrance, ferric pyrophosphate, VE, V.B₆, V.B₂, V.B₁, acidulant, V.B₁₂