BOURBON Gateau Raisin Biscuit 5Pcs 4901360331192

17 g
11.30 MYR

BOURBON Gateau Raisin Biscuit 5Pcs

Barcode: 4901360331192

Have a good time in the afternoon.

The raisins, which have been carefully soaked in rum,
are studded with milk-flavored whipped cream and
sandwiched with soft cookies. Please enjoy a slightly mature and soft taste that makes
the best use of the characteristics of the ingredients.

Wheat flour, shortening, raisins, maltose, butter, margarine, sugar, liquid whole egg, water candy, isomerized liquid sugar, Western liquor (including orange), sweetened skim milk milk, skim milk powder, liquid egg yolk (including egg), vegetable oil, Cream (including milk components), whole milk powder, reduced milk candy, buttermilk powder, salt, cocoa butter, fermented seasoning, spices, lactose / sorbitol, trehalose, alcohol, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), fragrance (derived from milk), swelling Agent
Allergens contained in this product: 
Milk egg wheat orange soybean 

Nutrition facts label [per piece (standard 17g)
energy 81 kcal
protein 0.8 g
Lipid 4.1 g
saturated fatty acid 2.1 g
carbohydrate 10.2 g
Carbohydrate 10.0 g
Dietary fiber 0.2 g
Salt equivalent 0.04 g