Echigo 4 packs of cheese mochi

76 g
13.90 MYR

4 packs of cheese mochi

Cheddar cheese with sourness and richness is kneaded and finished with Camembert cheese with a creamy taste. Please enjoy the rich taste of the two types of cheese that spreads with a crispy and light texture. Using 100% domestic rice, it has become even more delicious.


raw materials
Glutinous rice (domestic), vegetable fats and oils, Camembert cheese seasoning, cheddar cheese powder / trehalose, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), coloring agents (carotinoids), emulsifiers, flavors, (some include milk components and soybeans)
expiry date
120 days
JAN code
Internal capacity
76g (approx. 19g x 4 bags)