Fundodai Clear Soy Sauce 4902626166091

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Clear Soy Sauce 4902626166091

Fundodai Clear Soy Sauce – OMG Japan


Code: 4902626166091


The latest innovation in Japanese food technology is here with clear soy sauce. Fundodai Goyo Inc. turned the famously dark brown staple of Japanese cuisine into a colorless condiment that still maintains its rich flavor. The transparent appearance makes it a secret ingredient for many western dishes that wouldn’t normally use soy sauce like white fish and pasta. Create a new food experience by combining a meal’s original look with the distinct umami flavor of soy sauce.

Developed by Ayako Soda of Fundodai, Kumamoto’s historic condiment maker dating back to 1869, the clear sauce draws inspiration from clear colas and non-alcoholic beers. Once only available in Kyushu, the sauce became a hit across the country and gathered international attention. Now both amateur and professional chefs worldwide import Fundodai’s clear soy sauce to enhance their cooking. Soda’s personal recommendation? Add the invisible seasoning to ice cream for a truly unique flavor.

Fundodai’s translucent seasoning gives food a fresh appearance resulting in excellent photographs. Even the most trained eye won’t distinguish that the dish is covered in soy sauce. Try to guess which of the photos in the description have soy sauce. The answer? All of them! Those looking to add a little something extra to their dish while still keeping the appearance the same will become instantly enamored with this crystal condiment. 

The original brown color of soy sauce can cause havoc with stains on both clothing and cookware, but the colorless version makes cleaning up easier than ever before.

Give your next dish an unexpected flavor boost with Fundodai Clear Soy Sauce.