GLICO Bisco 15pcs (Hokkaido Milk Cream) Japanese Biscuit 4901005531932

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GLICO Bisco 15pcs (Hokkaido Milk Cream)

 Barcode: 4901005531932

Product details of GLICO Bisco 15pcs (Hokkaido Milk Cream)

  • Glico biscuits will make your day sweeter!
  • Crunchy biscuit and creamy icing filling are all you need!
  • Simple but so delicious!
  • Small package size make them an ideal snack on the go.
  • Product from JAPAN.

531932 GLICO Bisco 15pcs (Hokkaido Milk Cream)

A lactic acid bacterium cream sandwich that supports the whole family. A cream made from Hokkaido milk is sandwiched with biscuits with a gentle sweetness. It has a smooth mouthfeel. We support the family with a nice combination of sporolactic acid bacteria that awaken in the stomach and dietary fiber.

Ingredients: Wheat flour (domestic production), sugar, shortening, lactose, vegetable fats and oils, whole milk powder, inulin, salt, starch, wheat protein, lactic acid bacteria / Ca carbonate, swelling agent, fragrance, emulsifier, seasoning (amino acid), V.B1, V .B2, VD Per pack (standard 21.5g): Energy 108kcal, protein 1.2g, fat 4.9g, carbohydrate 14.6g, sugar 13.9g, dietary fiber 0.65g, salt equivalent 0.11g, calcium 120mg, vitamin B1 0.080mg, vitamin B2 0.10 mg, vitamin D 0.60 μg


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GLICO Bisco 15P (Hokkaido Milk Cream)