Pokka Sapporo Flavor Soup - Corn Soup Kabocha No Botage 49.5g - 4582409182588

49 g
10.90 MYR

Kabocha No Botage 49.5g

 楽天市場】送料無料 ポッカサッポロ ハッピースープ かぼちゃのポタージュ 3食入×5箱:御用蔵 大川



A rich corn potage that brings out the original sweetness of the corn material and finishes it with a creamy mouthfeel with a special cream. It has a slightly luxurious taste with rough corn. It warms your body and feelings, and is perfect for a happy adult time. 

We carefully selected ripe chestnut pumpkins and used "Slowly Kotokoto Original Pumpkin Powder" that took a lot of effort to bring out the original sweetness of the pumpkins. A slightly sweet and creamy potage that is perfect for an adult's time, with a richly sweet pumpkin and special cream melted tightly 

A full-fledged clam chowder with the rich flavor of shellfish and the flavor of fish bouillon seafood, inspired by the authentic North American clam chowder. Using a special cream, it is creamy and a little luxurious. Includes authentic North American crumbs and potato ingredients.


Add the hot water and you can enjoy the corn kernel soup ~~~

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