KAMEDA Norimaki Senbei Rice Crackers 50.5g

51 g
7.90 MYR

KAMEDA Norimaki Senbei Rice Crackers 50.5g


Kameda Norimaki Rice Cracker is a crunchy soy sauce flavored Japanese snack consisting of rice and Nori seaweed. It is a popular snack among children and also one of the best finger food that goes well with beer.



Kameda is No.1 Rice Snack company in Japan.


Ingredients: Rice, Sticky Rice, Soy Sauce [Wheat (Gluten), Soy, Salt], Sugar, Dried Laver, Fermented Seasoning, Dextrin, Salt, Fish Extract Powder, Hydrolysed, Soy Protein, Modified Starch [E1404, E1440], Sweetener (E420(i)), Flavour Enhancer [E621, E635, Sodium Succinate, E640], Colouring E150(a), Emulsifier (E475), Acidulant [E330]


Nutritional information per 100g


Fat 7.9g 

Saturated fat0g

Carbonhydrates 83.9g




Made in Japan