ORIHIRO Konnyaku Jelly Green Apple 20gx6p

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ORIHIRO Konnyaku Jelly Green Apple 20gx6p




Very fruity! Konjac jelly is safe and secure for small children to elderly people.



It makes for the perfect, filling snack when you are little bit hungry.



1) A new form of konjac jelly

2) Extruded and eaten with a unique pouch, so it's safe! This product has been changed from a pillow type jelly to a form that can prevent inhalation by pushing and eating. It is a safe and secure form of jelly that can prevent the suction that is common in conventional cup-type jelly.

3) No warning mark or warning is required. This product is not a conventional one-piece type konjac jelly. As a result, the product does not require warning symbols or warning signs.

4) Purpuru delicious konjac jelly By devising the form, it becomes delicious konjac jelly while maintaining the conventional texture.

5) Plenty of juice 10% Use plenty of juice 10%. Please taste plenty of fruit juice with the texture of konjac jelly.