ORIHIRO Purun To Konnyaku Grape Jelly 20gx6p

130 g
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ORIHIRO Purun To Konnyaku Grape Jelly 20gx6p


Product Description
Plenty of 21% using the fruit juice. The taste of juicy, please taste with the texture of konjac jelly.
This product is konjac jelly delicious handy petite size blended with fruit juice plenty. In prevention form suction, it served anyone handy. Please enjoy as a handy snack when Kobara is hungry.
By devising forms, it has become a delicious konjac jelly still maintaining a sense of conventional food.
This product is by changing the form from the jelly of pillow types so far, it has been changed into a form that the suction by eating extruded can be prevented. It is a jelly of a safe, safe form that can prevent some common of suction to the conventional cup-shaped jelly.
So as not to clog the throat, please enjoy chewing well while extruding the contents.

If you enjoy
★ Grasp the part of the mark with both hands, please hang up slowly along the dotted line.
● please enjoy chewing well-extruded to the end without sucked.
● that it may cut the mouth and adding the opening hole, please enjoy only the jelly that was extruded into your mouth.

Fructose-glucose liquid sugar, sugar, fruit juice (peach, apple), reduced starch syrup, konjac flour, acidulant, gelling agent (polysaccharide thickener), fragrance, potassium chloride, sweetening (acesulfame K, sucralose)
How to save: direct sunlight, avoid the heat and humidity, please store in a cool place.