TOHATO Caramel Corn Almond 70g 4901940111114

80 g
6.50 MYR

TOHATO Caramel Corn Almond 70g


Soft and crispy, and melts softly?
The scent of milk caramel
spreads throughout your mouth , giving it a gentle taste.
The brown roasted
peanuts in the bottom are an
important supporting role that is indispensable for the deliciousness of caramel corn.


Corn glitz (domestic production), sugar, vegetable oils and fats, peanuts, margarine, maltose, salt, caramel sauce, caramel paste / sorbitol, caramel color, flavor, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), carotinoid pigment,
(some milk components and peanuts)・ Including almonds and soybeans)

Nutritional Facts:
energy 448 kcal
carbohydrate 46.9 g
protein 3.8 g
Salt equivalent 0.4 g
Fat 27.3 g
(This display value is a guide)